Temtem Season 7 begins!

Monday, the 10th of june 2024 at 12h22
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Temtem update 1.7 is released today. On the agenda is a major PvP balancing patch and, above all, the opening of the Arcade in Neoedo! Head to Cipanku to enjoy 4 mini-games: Deniz Invaders, Innkball, Gharunner and Project TemCard! Here you can unlock exclusive cosmetics!

Don't hesitate to post your best scores in comments. For full details of the update, take a look at the patchnotes on Crema's website, or visit the TemActu in French.

La SALLE D'ARCADE à CIPANKU !!! - Temtem France La Salle d'Arcade est enfin disponible sur Temtem avec des récompenses vraiment cool ainsi qu'un... Patch 1.7 – Crema 1

Sources : Crema

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