Luma counter



Learn more about Luma and their appearance rates (in french).
You can use the Enter or + keys to add 1 and - to remove 1.
Double click on the counter number to enter it manually.
New hunting
Latest luma of the community
Halzhi Halzhi 318
Koish Koish 108
Toxolotl Toxolotl 350
Latest complicated hunts
(Based on the last 14 days)
Oree Oree 12717
Zephyruff Zephyruff 4632
Pigepic Pigepic 4374
Download the Temtem France luma counter software to your computer
Log in with your Temtem France account! (Also works without an account)
Create and continue your hunts directly on the software
Pin the software on top of your game to track your hunt progress
Press the keys on your keyboard or controller without leaving your game to update the counter!
Customize the software: keys, background or change the language.

The software does not interfere with any game data.

v2.4.0.2 - Windows only

Streaming tools
The counter updates automatically every 10 seconds on the overlay.
Sprite: Luma Sprite: Portrait: Luma Portrait: Counter: Counter + Sprite: Counter + Luma Sprite: Counter + Portrait: Counter + Luma Portrait:
Information for experts
You can customise the different counters in CSS with this classes: .espace_compteur, .image_temtem and .compteur.

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